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Hafidzul Ezani bin Zulkefli
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
-This thing is ages old. And not done. 
Dont know how I did it, never done anything similar ever since. Neither could I continue this.
Cheesy, dramatic, sort of Gary Stu-ish, but whatever. 
Check it out if you feel it's worth it. Don't if you don't. -

Without further ado: Cassandra

That day, it was pouring heavily. I was walking home alone with my umbrella in hand. That day felt odd. It was almost as dark as night and the rain that day was unusually heavy. Nothing like what I had experienced before. There was also no lightning or thunder. Just heavy downpour that was enough to soak you through your coat. Because of the heavy rainfall, I decided to take the shorter route to my home. A route that I seldom go on. The route takes me through a meadow that used to have richly colored flowers planted across the landscape. Now, it only serves as a grazing ground for steer. The route seldom saw people, so I tend to avoid it. It felt lonely and that would have just added to the plethora of problems I already had.

A bit into the walk home, something off the corner of my eye caught my attention. At first glance, it looked as though it was a pile of cloth someone had thrown out into the garbage. For some reason, this figure piqued my curiosity, so I naturally approached to investigate it.

As I moved closer, I saw more and more the shape of a small body of a person covered in a thick, dirty blanket. The person was leaning against the short brick wall that marked the end of the meadows in this area. The person was curled up into a ball trying to protect from the rain not a few feet from the path.

 "Hey," I called out in a mild voice. The person didn't look at me, though I thought I saw the person flinch slightly. "Let's get you out of this rain," I said to as I reached out my right arm. The person finally looked up to me. Our eyes met and my heart sank. I was not expecting to see what I saw. This person was not some shaggy old homeless man braving the weather. Instead it was a small young girl not much older than 15-years-old. Her body was thin and frail-looking. Her skin pale. Her face was obscured slightly by her long dark hair. It baffled me how such a young girl could get herself in such a pitiful situation. I couldn't help it. I felt like I had to help her. I could not let anyone brave this horrid weather alone, let alone a young girl in her condition. That would have just been too cruel to just let happen.

She hesitated for a bit, but she finally reached out to grab my right hand with hers. As soon as she grabbed hold, she instantly released her grip. At first I was surprised, but that didn't last long. I
realised why she did that. Under the thick glove I was wearing was not flesh, it was metal. A bionic arm I built for myself after what had happened to me while I was on duty. A day where I lost a lot of my comrades.
This arm serves as a reminder to those who had lost their lives while on duty serving the nation.

I flinched a little at that flashback, however I quickly picked myself up after I
realised that there is a girl in need of my attention. I pulled back my right hand and reached out with my left this time, hoping that she would still want my help. "Don't worry," I said. "This one's flesh and bones."

She hesitated a bit longer than was comfortable for me, but she did eventually reach out to grab my hand with her right hand which was a bit odd. I grabbed hold and pulled her up gently then put her under my umbrella with my body close to hers. The umbrella wasn't the largest umbrella, but it'll do for it was enough to prevent us from getting even more soaked than we already were.

We walked along the path towards a small town nearby that was much closer than my house was. During the walk, I asked the young girl's name. She didn't reply to my question. Instead, she turned her head away from me as if she was trying to block out the question from her head. I didn't mind too much as I respected her privacy, though I still wondered about it for a while. After a short trek, we came across an inn where we entered to shelter us from the rain. We found some seats and I requested some towels from the counter. The clerk was friendly and she quickly provided some towels for us to dry off with.

I walked over to the young girl and said to her "Let's dry you off," and tried to remove her blanket. She resisted and pulled the blanket closer to her body, but I insisted and got the blanket on her left side to peel back slightly and what confronted me made the flashbacks return.
I saw a glimpse of something before she quickly pulled the blanket back and got up to leave. I was stunned there for a bit. I tried to make sense of what I saw, but the only possibility that confronted me was something that I kept denying.

I saw bandages, soaked in blood wrapped around what should be an arm but now it is just a short stump cut right above the elbow. I looked down at my arm and I am reminded of the time that I had first
realised that I had lost my arm. The dread and hopelessness of the possibility of not being able to lead a normal life again now that I've lost a limb. The thought of being unable to perform even the most benign tasks. The sadness that fell over me until I picked myself up and built myself this bionic arm.

I snap back to reality and realize what had just occurred. I quickly dart out of the inn and looked for the young girl in the heavy rainfall, but I could not see her. She could not have gone far, but I didn't even know where to start looking. I was looking around for any sign of where she might have gone or maybe even a person who saw where she went, but I wasn't so lucky. The heavy rain and the lack of much light proved to be a hindrance to my goal. I could find no trace of where she might have gone and there was also nobody around to help me find her. Instead I find myself alone with the rain soaking through to my bones.  I returned to the inn and took my seat. I requested a cup of tea from the counter and had a few sips of it, all the while thinking of the fate of that young girl and how she's doing. I decided not to worry myself with it for she must have been doing fine. She must have been holding her own against the elements long before my arrival. However, just deciding not to worry is not the same as not worrying all together. She stayed with my thoughts. My mind raving with questions about her well-being. Then my mind went to her missing limb that were still covered in bloody  bandages. I couldn't take it anymore. As I exited the inn, I looked around a bit hoping to find the girl curled up somewhere, but to no luck.

For a few days, my mind was with the girl. I knew I had told myself not to worry about  her, but I couldn't help it. At first I didn't worry too much about it but now I am starting to wonder. This girl and I have never met each other before, yet I can't stop thinking about her. Why did I care for her so much? Why can't I keep my mind off of her? These questions raced through my head and when I come out of it, I find myself staring at my false limb. The limb that I had made to replace what I had lost. This brought back the thoughts of the young girl's missing limb. Was this what was making me worry about her? The fact that we both shared a common problem? I snapped myself out of it, but again, my mind was not at ease.

Every day for those few days, I used the route I did on that day, hoping I'd run into her again or at least find some traces of where she might have been, but I found nothing. The possibility of running into her again seemed to be out of my grasp. I just want to see her again and help her.

Until one day, I finally saw her again. She was walking along the path with heavy steps and her head tilted down. She was staggering, bobbing left and right trying to keep her balance.

It was midday, but it was dark and cold. I walked towards her trying to make contact, but before I could get to her, her steps became slower and slower until she finally collapsed onto the dirt path beneath her. I was horrified, but I didn't know why. She had no connection to me, but here I find myself rushing towards her reaching my arms out to catch her as if she were someone close to me.

I don't remember much after that. All I remember was waking up on her bedside in the local hospital.  The nurses told me that I carried her in late in the evening  and that I was waiting outside of the emergency room for hours before someone walked up to me and directed me to her ward. I looked at the young girl's unconscious body lying on the hospital bed. Hoses and tubes all around her plugged into machine that were blinking and beeping. As I sit there in disbelief, I keep asking myself why I did such a thing to someone I didn't even know. And then I was reminded of how I was alone in my time of need.

During the lab accident, I had no one to come home to. I was a bachelor.  I had no friends left. I was an only child and my parents were long gone. I had to pull myself out of that precarious situation by myself and I almost didn't. At one point I was standing on a stool with the noose in my hand. Hoping that ending it would be better.

 I never want anyone to be in a position like that again. I would never see anyone do what I did before. I would give people hope. I would be their hope. I will be their savior.  Or at the very least, her savior.



  • Listening to: Cassandra (the hell else would I be listening to?)


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